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about us

He's the Wizard of Is


Our namesake (and alter-ego), Cat Boy, was an accident. A piece of lint, if you will.


Brushing the "lint" away was impossible as it was actually a bit of ink. Curious to see where this bit of ink would lead, we spent the next hour or so exploring with the pen.


Sooner or later the hour or so was up, and we were delighted to see that the bit of ink had allowed Cat Boy to come into being.


The original sketch still survives somewhere. And for a whole year, Cat Boy had his own comic in on-the-town magazine. That was pretty cool.


Recently, a number of designs and illustrations from the old Cat Boy Café site mysteriously resurfaced, which excited us to no end. You may see these artifacts on the next pages.


Who is this "we" or "us" of whom we speak?


"We" are Victoria Mullen, the me, myself, and I of this café. She is not a multiple personality. Nor am I.


Third person aside, I'm an artist, writer, actor, attorney, photographer, and graphic designer.


I love doing creative stuff.

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